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Training Progress Week 5

Featured Image Credit: David Wolfe Originally it’s a post he made on Facebook which made my week 100% much better when I needed it most 🙂 Thank you David! Week 5 training was unintentionally a RECOVERY WEEK with only 6 hours of workout and no outdoor run as other priorities of life took over plus… Continue reading Training Progress Week 5

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Training Progress Week 2

It still hasn’t completely registered in my head that I signed up for a big challenge – to swim, bike and run for such a long distance. But I’ll get there. Week 2 is over and I’m starting my week 3 already. The only thing I have now is the will to try. The will to… Continue reading Training Progress Week 2

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#SelfImprovementSaturday – Making Vancouver a City We LOVE!

These days, I’ve been very blessed to be surrounded by many amazing people – friends, family and coworkers – who are not only dedicated, motivated, talented, active and positive but also know how to have fun and live a meaningful life. As I’ve been busy making time for those who want to spend time with me in person, today… Continue reading #SelfImprovementSaturday – Making Vancouver a City We LOVE!

#Monthly Lesson

#Monthly Lesson: Finances at a national level

As the first month of 2016 is almost over, it’s time to check how the new year resolutions (or goals) are taking shape. One important aspect of many people’s goals tend to be financial. Potential sub-topics under finance may include saving, investing, budgeting, borrowing and spending. Among which, I’d like to touch on the cost… Continue reading #Monthly Lesson: Finances at a national level

#Monthly Lesson

#Monthly Lesson: Finances at a national level (Part2)

Continued from #Monthly Lesson: Finances at a national level (Part1) CANADIAN GOVERNMENT DEBT TIMELINE Mid-1990s to the late 2000s: Reduced Govt Debt 2007-08: Combined federal and provincial government debt = $834 billion 2008-09: Govt turned to deficit-financed spending in hopes of stimulating the economy after the recent recession. 2015 – Govts continued to spend more than the revenue… Continue reading #Monthly Lesson: Finances at a national level (Part2)