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What color are you?

You’re the color of life – Representative of Sustainability What am I going to do without you? Mango and Banana embrace you at an early stage. Kale, Zucchini, lettuce, olives and watermelon are a part of you. You’re the grasses. You’re the plants. You’re the trees. Coconut trees, Palm trees and Mango trees. The color… Continue reading What color are you?

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#SelfImprovementSaturday – Making Vancouver a City We LOVE!

These days, I’ve been very blessed to be surrounded by many amazing people – friends, family and coworkers – who are not only dedicated, motivated, talented, active and positive but also know how to have fun and live a meaningful life. As I’ve been busy making time for those who want to spend time with me in person, today… Continue reading #SelfImprovementSaturday – Making Vancouver a City We LOVE!

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#InspireMeSunday – Aga Khan Foundation, Community Garden and Global Citizen

“Space has always been the spiritual dimension of architecture. It is not the physical statement of the structure so much as what it contains that moves us.” — Arthur Erickson A few Fridays ago after work, I passed by a mobile exhibition, got curious, went in to check it out and am glad that I did.… Continue reading #InspireMeSunday – Aga Khan Foundation, Community Garden and Global Citizen

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#SundaySelfReflection with Tara Brach

I thank Tara Brach for her beautiful and insightful wisdom in a video titled “Freedom from Fear-Based Beliefs” and making the video available on YouTube so I can listen to it whenever I need it. Tara in the video reminds me to really look and observe at “what am I feeling/believing,” “who I would be with or without certain beliefs,””who… Continue reading #SundaySelfReflection with Tara Brach

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#InspireMeSunday – Positivity and Sam Berns

I thank a good friend of mine, Lady C, for sharing the video clip shown below. I initially wanted to write about Lady V, whom I met over the weekend and was very much inspired as I listened to her talking about “How to make our voice(s) stronger.” So I’ll share all the wisdom that I learn from her in… Continue reading #InspireMeSunday – Positivity and Sam Berns

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#ThrowbackThursday – Favourite Poem from Childhood: You Can’t Be That by Brian Patten

You Can’t Be That by Brian Patten I told them When I grow up I’m not going to be a scientist Or someone who reads the news on TV No, a million birds will fly through me. I AM GOING TO BE A TREE! They said, You can’t be that. No, you can’t be that.… Continue reading #ThrowbackThursday – Favourite Poem from Childhood: You Can’t Be That by Brian Patten