Training Progress Week 23, 24 and 25

“Living and training in Afghanistan has definitely put my goal into perspective. I have learned that success is not just about the IRONMAN medals, but about showing women that they can do the seemingly impossible if they just take one step at a time.” — Jackie Faye, 32, military journalist working towards becoming the 1st… Continue reading Training Progress Week 23, 24 and 25

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Training Progress Week 22

Focus for Week 22 Stick to the training plan. Day 1 to 5 – Success Day 6 – asked Coach if Day 6 training can be Day 7 so I could train with a bike buddy. Day 7 – Day 6 Transfer Schedule: Partial fail due to the rain. Couldn’t train with bike buddy. Thought… Continue reading Training Progress Week 22


Training Progress Week 15

” If you want to change the world, measure a person by the size of their heart, not by the size of their flippers.” — Navy Admiral William H. McRaven Took me 2 hours to mentally prepare to get myself bike outdoor. Went to the place where I thought I’d feel comfortable to start biking around. It… Continue reading Training Progress Week 15

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Training Progress Week 12

“At the core of all human behavior, our needs are more or less similar. Positive experience is easy to handle. It’s negative experience that we all, by definition, struggle with. Therefore, what we get out of life is not determined by the good feelings we desire but by what bad feelings we’re willing and able to… Continue reading Training Progress Week 12


Training Progress Week 10

Recovery week – hit only slightly above 90 km of training. Done with the first 10 weeks of Base training and time to move on and face new challenges for the next 10 weeks (of Build Training). Apparently, I should be training for 12-16 hours going forward and be able to do 3k of non-stop… Continue reading Training Progress Week 10

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Training Progress Week 8

The last week of training in 2017 – Working out 3 hours a day for four days straight gives me a good idea of what I’m getting myself into. So my goal is to be able to do the following activities continuously by July 2018: swim 3.8 km in 2 hours, bike 180 km in… Continue reading Training Progress Week 8