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Training Progress Week 18

“Make it happen… no matter what!” — Rock Thomas So my very first Triathlon happened. I was nervous and anxious but I did it 🙂 I doubted myself. I judged myself. But I made peace with myself at the end of the race. First race. First medal. First time. It’s all good. The only thing… Continue reading Training Progress Week 18

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It was fairly sunny outside as I took my sister to her martial arts practice just before noon. Randomly tuning into a French radio station, the songs seemed to fit the weather so I let it be. I fell in love with one particular song after listening. Mom was in the car too as she wanted to get… Continue reading #WeeklyWonder: LES FILLES DE MON PAYS

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Forum Theater | Intercultural Understanding | “I have to tell my story”

[Note: This post initially appears in under the title “Reflection on “I have to tell my story”: Forum theatre@UBC First Nations Longhouse” on September 23, 2013] A forum theater is an audience-interactive theater in which a short (5-8 minutes) theatrical piece is run from the beginning to the end and is re-run again to allow… Continue reading Forum Theater | Intercultural Understanding | “I have to tell my story”