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A path to regain everything and more..

Is it the summer heat that loses my appetite? Appetite for meaning. Appetite for purpose. Or it’s not my appetite. I just don’t know where to look for it … by which I mean meaning and purpose – a deeper one. As I get older, time goes faster. Days and weeks go by quick and… Continue reading A path to regain everything and more..

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#InspireMeSunday – Eckhart Tolle, Raoul Wallenberg & EXO

“The secret to finding the deeper level in the other is finding the deeper level in yourself.  Without finding it in yourself, you cannot see it in the other.” Eckhart Tolle   Yesterday, I was experiencing heavy emotions. I thank my baby brother for taking me to QE Park which is a positive space where I got… Continue reading #InspireMeSunday – Eckhart Tolle, Raoul Wallenberg & EXO

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It was fairly sunny outside as I took my sister to her martial arts practice just before noon. Randomly tuning into a French radio station, the songs seemed to fit the weather so I let it be. I fell in love with one particular song after listening. Mom was in the car too as she wanted to get… Continue reading #WeeklyWonder: LES FILLES DE MON PAYS

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#InspireMeSunday – Andrea Bocelli

June 14 (Sunday) is a special day in Vancouver because it’s an “Italian Day on The Drive,” celebrating  Italian culture and the contributions made to Vancouver by Italian immigrants and their children. On this very day, a kind friend invited me to Andrea Bocelli’s concert. Andrea is a legendary Italian singer – an amazing tenor – who became blind at age… Continue reading #InspireMeSunday – Andrea Bocelli