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Why Ironman? #InspireMeSunday with Simon Sinek

“My life didn’t please me. So I created my life.” — Coco Channel Week 5 of training for Ironman so far, I think it’s a good time to reflect back on why I’m doing what I’m doing. It started off with two things. First is a purpose-driven personal growth and transformation. Second is a trip… Continue reading Why Ironman? #InspireMeSunday with Simon Sinek

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Training Progress Week 5

Featured Image Credit: David Wolfe Originally it’s a post he made on Facebook which made my week 100% much better when I needed it most 🙂 Thank you David! Week 5 training was unintentionally a RECOVERY WEEK with only 6 hours of workout and no outdoor run as other priorities of life took over plus… Continue reading Training Progress Week 5


Training Progress Week 4

Week 4 training is over. I can now swim 1km in total comfortably despite some stops – even did a 1.6km yesterday, biked a few km more than last week’s total distance and run  29.2km. This week, running is the hardest as legs and body wouldn’t cooperate much. Still there’s some improvement compared to Week 3.… Continue reading Training Progress Week 4

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Training Progress Week 3

Week 3 went by quickly. I swam 2.6km, biked 41.5km and run 11.5km while in week #2, I only swam 0.75km, biked 17km and run 24km. Not at the level like a pro. But I am making some progress *Smile* Gotta crawl first before learning how to walk and run like how babies learn, right?… Continue reading Training Progress Week 3

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Training Progress Week 2

It still hasn’t completely registered in my head that I signed up for a big challenge – to swim, bike and run for such a long distance. But I’ll get there. Week 2 is over and I’m starting my week 3 already. The only thing I have now is the will to try. The will to… Continue reading Training Progress Week 2


“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination. – Oscar Wilde, Irish Dramatist and Novelist” I hear my faint heartbeat. Sometimes it’s so noisy I lose it. I make sure this heartbeat is real. Not of imagination. Not of my wishful thinking. But living with genuine heartbeats is different. To have… Continue reading


On a path to Find and Listen to the heartbeats …

A little lost inside. A little sick inside. A little dead inside. Little by little, things accumulate. Slowly I stop hearing my own heartbeat. Did I lose it somewhere? Or it just beats so subtly that I desperately need to be somewhere that holds Noble and Golden Silence to find it still alive and kicking. What’s… Continue reading On a path to Find and Listen to the heartbeats …