About This Blog


Welcome and thanks for your presence on this blog space.

Through this online space, I am sharing things that I find interesting. They may be life inspirations or experiences of my own or of someone else’s.

Living the best lives possible free of influence from the tradition, customs, society, parents or peers of any kind  (and defining what that even means) has been a recurring theme I explore here and there. I hope this blog will add values to those who wonder similarly to myself.

The blog posts will appear infrequently. The content (views and opinions) are of my own.

Enough said, may you be free from suffering of any kind.
May you be content. May you be peaceful.
May you be healthy.
May you be able to breathe well.
May you be able to eat well.
May you be able to sleep soundly at night without interruption.
May you be happy.



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