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Training Progress – Week 38 #40yearsofdream #anythingispossible Gotta keep on going to #makechesterproud and Week 39

Week 38 Recap

  1. Sleep early and Wake up early – maintain the habits and make them a lifestyle
    Some hits and some misses
  2. Big RACE – Ironman Canada
    Expectation – FINISH no matter what! meaning FINISH despite any body/mind pains
    Reality – Endured the pains (back pain, leg pain, skin burning and head hurting from the heat) but DNF (Do Not Finish) 😢 Oops!
    Wanted to quit so badly but pushed to each aid station to refuel, re-hydrate and pour water over the head and body. Pushed to one aid station for Chester, pushed to the next for JongHyun and pushed for myself from the curiosity to find out if I can make it to the first cut off and to see how far I could really go. Made it to the first bike cut off and went as far as 157km (Got a good chunk of 3rd loop done) but didn’t quite make it to the second and third cut offs. I was somehow relieved to know that I didn’t have to run anymore especially when it’s a full marathon distance (26miles or 42km!!!). Even if I make it to the last bike cut off, I don’t think I’d be able to run. I could push but it would be a lot of suffering and I could end up disliking the race experience. Wish I could have 2 more extra months of training (possibly more heat-training). Other than that, I am happy that I didn’t collapse, faint or badly injured. I thanked the universe for that.
  3. Appreciate the journey, people and beings who build me up.
    Given it was only week 38 of training when the big race took place and it was deemed one of the hardest courses, if not the hardest in North America, DNF is good enough this year. 157km of cycling after 3.8km of swim is the best at this point. Lots of lessons learnt. Given how this journey is about challenging myself, pushing myself and conquering my fears, it’s good as it gets. I’ll continue and become an Ironman one day but it just wasn’t that day.
    My respect for triathletes, Ironman-trainees and Ironman finishers got to a different level when I experienced the race myself with my own body and mind.
    Special shout out to Bae who was on the course as well and with whom I could train together here and there
    Thankful to the coaches and friends made in triathlon community who have been super-supportive
    Grateful to the town of Whistler, paramedics, firefighters, RCMP officers, park rangers, volunteers, coworkers, friends, families and general public who were supporting and cheering the triathletes.

Interesting Statistics from Ironman Canada

Highlights from Week 38 and 39

What a privilege and an honor to be on one of the toughest, if not the toughest, Ironman course(s) in North America with many triathletes who are already Ironmen/Ironwomen or had become one that day. If I could turn back the time knowing that I wouldn’t make the cutoff, would I still go for it this year and not defer to 2019? Absolutely!!! I’d still do it. It’s not about winning or losing but about celebrating 30 years of life on this planet. The real Ironman journey only starts now. Looking back to how I started after signing up for Ironman in early November 2017, all I had was the will: the will to try, the will to push and the will to explore my own capacity. It’s been quite a ride ever since I started learning how to ride a roadbike back in February 2018.

Week 39 – Recovery Week. Recover from the heat burn. Recover from high heart rate. Lots of REST! 😄
Undergone through 5 stages of grief over being a DNFer, which leads to …

Resilience-training – Fell down once while stopping to catch my breathe at the end of 2nd loop. Silly fall as it was because I didn’t clip out on one side. Failed at finishing. The biggest lesson is that no matter what fall or fail it is, I must pick myself up again and again – each time stronger, better and wiser.

Focus for Week 40, 41 & 42

  1. Be super-inspired and Take ACTION!
    Inspiration: Already watching professional female triathletes race in Ironman Maastricht – Limburg (not sleeping early 😅) | Witnessing Els Visser and Yvonne Van Vlerken pushing it in pink 💕
  2. Daily Nutrition
  3. Start prepping for a marathon

💖 Gratitude & Love 💖


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