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Training Progress – Week 32, 33 and 34

“Until you face your fears, you don’t move to the other side, where you find your power.” – Mark Allen, six times Ironman World Champion, Hawaii

The quote above pretty much sums up the last three weeks (actually the whole Ironman training so far)

Week 32, 33 & 34 Recap

  1. Recovery – Tried floating (flotation therapy) for the first time. Was scared to go into the isolation tank but my very first and only experience so far went smoothly and I’d love to try it again after my next race. 😉
  2. (Body) Energy Management – Eating when I need to, not when I feel like it, or I’ll pay later. Yes, I’m eating much better now, which I’m thankful this sport for. P.S. I’ve always had issues with eating. I like to think my eating habit improves through triathlon training 😁
  3. Training Camp #2 – a lot of learning! I could have prepared better for that training week. Longest cycling distance of my life so far and body didn’t like that. The sun just burnt!
    Forth lake swim of my life didn’t go well. Run out of energy in the middle of the lake. Crazy noises took over the scaredy cat side of me. Yes, I stopped swimming and asked for help. 😩 Thinking back, I laugh so hard though cos I did look pathetic.

Highlight of the weeks

  • Watching Ironman Nice Live
  • Special highlight – Witnessing Corinne Abraham cross the finish line – she not only finished strong but also set course record

Credit: Ironman

  • [Technically first day of week 35 but oh well] Conquered my fear of open water (and long distance in open water) by completing a 4km lake swim – First swim after the recent failed swim mentioned above. Doubted myself. Was really scared of the big lake. Scared of the long distance. Crazy noises were back in the head. Anxiety kicked in and I couldn’t sleep well and eat well before the swim.
    Eminem’s Lose Yourself was on repeat during the ride from home to the lake where I’d be doing a 4km. Tried to tell myself I’m doing only once so just do it. Really thankful to Eminem for this music. It did help.

Credit: Eminem

When I got to the lake and saw the buoys, knees got weak and I felt like running away. That shameless scaredy cat was no one else but me. Even the first buoy looked too far. Then I found myself asking the universe for forgiveness if I ever wronged anyone or any beings even without any intention to do so and telling the energy in the universe that I do forgive anyone if they’ve done any wrong doing towards me intentionally or unintentionally. I sounded like I was ready to die, didn’t I? At least forgiveness and asking for forgiveness from deep within calmed the noises in the head.
Coach said “keep on moving no matter what.” I somehow managed to finish. Prior to this 4km swim, I never understand when people say you’d feel dizzy after a long distance swim (cos it was never a problem with 2km or less) Gosh, I was really dizzy when I got out of the water. Geez!
The race organizers and volunteers were amazing. Super thankful to them as they had to patiently wait for this last swimmer who moved slowly 😅😅😅 🙏

Focus for Week 35, 36 & 37

  1. Sleep early and Wake up early
  2. Longer rides
  3. Continue to fuel well
  4. Appreciate the journey and how far I’ve come
  5. Don’t forget to apply sun screen every 2 hours! (cos I’ve turned into Judge Bao 包拯)

Judge Bao‘s drama was my childhood. Whatever I was doing, I’d drop it and run in front of the TV when the song came. Why? Cos it means the drama would be starting soon! Although I always fancy myself as swift, good-looking Zhan Zhao, right now I look more like Judge Bao.  Perhaps I should draw a crescent moon on my forehead. keke

Justice Pao 1993 / 包青天 pictureCredit: CJK lyrics

Judge Bao’s opening song was my happy music growing up. Best drama series on justice (Asian way?) 👍👍👍

Credit: Hu Kua, YamatoJapan70 HD

Judge Bao’s Ending song – I used to feel sad when the song came as it meant I had to wait 1 week to find out what happens next in the drama. Feel good to walk down the memory’s lane.

“New Dream of Butterfly Lovers” (新鴛鴦蝴蝶夢)
Credit: 歌詞(Huang An), 华尔顿

💖 Gratitude & Love 💖


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