Training Progress – Week 26, 27 and 28

Week 26, 27 & 28

1. Open water swim practices
The transition from a small pond to a larger lake/sea combined with stepping up from a swimming suit to a wetsuit are hard and overwhelming. I love how it’s challenging although I hate to feel the discomfort. Despite my love-hate relationship with my own situation, I’ll get better with more practices. So hey beautiful lake(s), bring it on! 🙂

2. Ride better and faster on the hills
Improving but still need work.

3. High Cadence, High Cadence and High Cadence!
High enough but not too excessively. Pace is improving so all is good 🙂

4. 1st time running in a Relay team
Fastest avg running pace ever. 3rd place in women only category 🙂 Teammates were lovely. Really happy with the overall experience (although it was terribly hot)

5. Drink and Eat well
Fueling on the run is fine while fueling on the bike needs some work.

6. Training Camp
Messy start due to my carelessness + Not speaking up when I needed help so as not to slow everyone down for a long ride 😦

Otherwise, it’s a really great ride at a beautiful town – the most scenic, calming cycling route with the best road-condition in my limited experience so far. I’d love to go back there to ride more in the future.
The overall experience is humbling especially training along side some of the experienced triathletes. Love when a very experienced national triathlete said “Remember, it’s your own race. So race your own race.” It’s simple but is super enlightening.

Highlight at the end – Watching how wood ducks seem calmer, more relaxed and comfortable in the water, I felt envious and inspired at the same time.

7. Continuously be inspired by fellow HIM and IM in training
Being surrounded by other triathletes in an actual physical space is really empowering. Wish I can meet more in person and even train together on a regular basis.

Focus for Week 29, 30 & 31

  1. Open water swim practices
  2. Incorporate more hills riding
  3. Fuel better on the bike
  4. Triathlon Race – super excited and also nervous 😛
  5. Enjoy the journey and grow as a person and as a triathlete no matter what the race day is like and what the result is. (Have I mentioned I’m afraid of myself falling in love more and more with triathlon?)

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