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#InspireMeSunday – @JackieFaye and Zhang Xin

“I have learned that success is not just about the IRONMAN medals, but about showing women that they can do the seemingly impossible if they just take one step at a time.”
— Jackie Faye

Jackie Faye is not only soon-to-become the first woman in the world to finish 6 IRONMAN races on 6 continents within 1 year (1 more race to go in June! WOW!) but also is the founder of She Can Tri, an organization dedicated to ensuring that young girls and women know their options. SheCanTri wants the current and next generation (of women) to push boundaries from the front lines to the C-Suite. She Can Tri partners with the Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN) which supports, connects and advocates for military women.

“Teach your daughters less about fitting into glass slippers and more about shattering glass ceilings.”
— SheCanTri

Really powerful message. Really strong, isn’t it? How do one know where the ceiling is? What if the glass is so fine you can’t even see it? When you do find one, how do you shatter? Can you remove it without shattering? Less pain for the poor glass too? Random thoughts  😅

Another lady – another WOW woman or a positive change – is Zhang Xin of Soho China. Somehow my sister stumbled upon an article about her a couple months back and made a comment that I’d look like her in the short-hair that I used to have. I looked her up and thought the hair cuts are slightly different. She seems like an interesting, brave woman with a lot of confidence. So now apart from Jackie, I’m adding Zhang Xin to the women I’d love to meet in person (before I die LOL). I’d rather meet her in some sort of relaxing retreat, have a delicious meal and a good chat as well as hang out for a few days. Now, I AM really dreaming big. Why would she want to hang out with me? But again why not?!

“Where other people see risk, all I see is excitement.”
— Zhang Xin

In an interview with Quartz, Zhang noted that the behavior or personality trait that she finds most attribute to her success is her sense of adventure- the daringness to take on projects that no one has done before, and feeling excited to do something that no one has done. She also talked about breaking down hierarchy wherever she sees it to provide women with as many professional opportunities as possible. She can be my mentor for becoming a confident and daring woman? Maybe I’ll have a chance?

Anyhow, I decided to have a similar hair cut again just before mid-month. I showed my hairdresser her pictures on google. Some of the haircuts look different too so had to pick one but shorter than her usual length. Short hair fit well when training for a triathlon so I don’t have to worry about washing/drying extra amount of hair – environmentally-friendly way to go!

Well, this might be my last few posts on inspirational people before my D-Day in three months. I’ll be busy training. While training, I sing part of BTS’ Not today whenever I feel like it. Why? Well, I love the message it delivers. Each day I train when I don’t die, I feel that I become a stronger and bigger person. The song asks you to run if you can’t fly, walk if you can’t run, crawl if you can’t walk — just keep going and keep tri-ing. Never die – at least not today.

Credit: BTS, BigHit, Youtube

Last but not least, learning that Ironman Texas North American Championship was quite a drafting race where multiple athletes were injured, I can see why drafting can be dangerous for the participants especially at tight turns and U-turns. Yes, I fell down previously from a relatively tight U-turn when someone drafted behind me just before the turn 😦 It’s not fun.

I encountered a small group riding on the same route as me yesterday. The front ones always signaled when there’re uneven surface, potholes and obstacles. It’s safe cycling and I love what I saw. I usually ride solo but I’d be riding with others during the race and am sharing roads with others during training as well. I’d better step up my cycling communication skills and handling skills so not only I am safe but my fellow cyclists are also safe — I have to trust them. They have to trust me too right? Just like BTS song again at 3 minute mark.

“Trust me on your side, Together we won’t die.
Trust you on my side, Together we won’t die.
Trust the word ‘Together.’ Trust that it’s bulletproof ” — BTS

May all beings be free from suffering.
May all beings be healthy and happy.
May all beings be successful.



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