Training Progress Week 23, 24 and 25

“Living and training in Afghanistan has definitely put my goal into perspective. I have learned that success is not just about the IRONMAN medals, but about showing women that they can do the seemingly impossible if they just take one step at a time.” — Jackie Faye, 32, military journalist working towards becoming the 1st woman in the world to finish 6 IRONMAN races on 6 continents within 1 year  (5 Races Down, 1 To Go)

Australia (IRONMAN Asia-Pacific Championship, Cairns) – completed June 2017

Europe (IRONMAN Switzerland) – completed July 2017

Asia (IRONMAN Taiwan) – completed October 2017

South America (IRONMAN Mar Del Plata) – completed December 2017

Africa (IRONMAN African Championship) – completed April 2018

North America (IRONMAN Boulder) – racing June 2018

I think Jackie is crazy. But her craziness, dedication and reasons behind why she’s doing an IM inspire me. While I doubt myself here and there and often not want to push myself, she’s attempting to do six and in fact she already completed five! I’d love to meet her in person one day.  I wonder how it’d feel like to be surrounded by people like her who are continuously pushing and challenging oneself and doing the impossibles with a deeper meaning to life.

Focus for Week 23

  1. Stick to the training plan – 70% Success, 30% Failure as the workouts were moved to the next day for a few of them.
  2. Eat well – 90% Success, 10% Failure as I couldn’t get myself to eat breakfast before 4 hrs ride 😦
  3. Ride more in terms of hours spent on the bike and distance covered. Ride better in terms of bike handling, clipping in/out for emergency stopping and becoming more comfortable with hills and turns – Rode my longest ride (70km+) in one day during week 23 and attended 1.5hrs cycling clinic on bike handling so I guess they count. Need continuous practice as always.
  4. Attach the cadence/speed sensor to the bike and connect to Garmin – Success. Finally! 🙂
  5. Consistent stretching routine so nothing is missed — Working on it. Couldn’t stretch after a run due to the time constraint and other commitments.
  6. Enjoy training – 90% Success as I got to know more people who swim, bike and/or run 🙂 10% Failure as I still come to think a few times that I’m crazy wanting to do half Ironman and Ironman.

Highlight – Cycled for over 70km and Run for almost 20km on the same day 🙂

Week 24 & 25 Highlights

  1. Swam for 1.5k non-stop
  2. Biked for 3 hrs practicing ascending/descending on the same hill 5 times
  3. Easily picked up water bottle from the holder and drank easily every 10-15 minutes like a boss while riding
  4. Biked when I didn’t want to
  5. Run when I didn’t feel like it

Going forward, I’ll write a post every three weeks or tri-weekly. Why? Because I’m training for a triathlon! 🙂 Also there’s not a lot of time to sit down and write that often when I’m training for 10 hours+ a week while working a full time job.

Focus for Week 26, 27 & 28

  1. Open water swim practices
  2. Ride better and faster on the hills
  3. High Cadence, High Cadence and High Cadence!
  4. 1st time running in a Relay team
  5. Drink and Eat well
  6. Training Camp
  7. Continuously be inspired by fellow HIM and IM in training



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