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Training Progress Week 22

Focus for Week 22

  1. Stick to the training plan.
    Day 1 to 5 – Success
    Day 6 – asked Coach if Day 6 training can be Day 7 so I could train with a bike buddy.
    Day 7 – Day 6 Transfer Schedule: Partial fail due to the rain. Couldn’t train with bike buddy. Thought about cycling outdoor on my own. But cycled on the trainer instead. Original Schedule: Success (run half-marathon distance)
  2. Eat well. Ride more and better.
    Ate well. Need to ride more … always.
  3. Attach the cadence/speed sensor to the bike and connect to Garmin.
    Failed. Been doing the ride indoor – the app on trainer tracked cadence/speed. Need the sensor for outdoor rides only. Will get it done next week.
  4. Learn about the bike mechanics again and do not forget what is what again.
    Failed. No time 😦
  5. STRETCH well!!!
    Did stretching but need to be more consistent in terms of the order of various stretching routine
  6. Make an appointment with physician for a checkup.
    Done. Will be seeing Doc this week (Week 23) 🙂

Found this gold – Gold for me as it has lots of valuable lessons I could learn and make use of .

Swimming: nothing (hand, arm, body, legs, torso, brain, feet) was coordinating in week 22. Learnt new instructions for more effective swimming skills. As I tried them, I forgot to do other things such as simply breathing. Breathing was random (and forgotten a few times as the focus was on the high elbow, hand position and kick from the hip):  breathed on the left, stroke, left, right, stroke, right, stroke, left,stroke,stroke,stroke, right,stroke, right,stroke,stroke,stroke,stroke (wait I forgot to breath – breath now), right, stroke, left, stroke, right, stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, forgot to breath again – gasped for air, left, stroke, right, stroke, right, stroke, …

Highlight: Tried on a wet suit – not a fan right now as it felt funny wearing one and it was hard to wear – it’ll come with practice, I hope. Can’t wait to start an open water swim early next month if not later this month. I’ll see what I can push to make things happen 😉

Biking: I bailed the long ride when bike buddy of the week couldn’t make it. As I was doing a long run later, I realise I could have gone to a different route on my own where I’d feel safe like the route I was doing my run. Next time, I should prepare for plan B and C when the cycling partner makes change(s) or when the route needs to be adjusted. Oh well, another longer ride (my would-be longest) is around the corner. So I’ll just think of this week as a partial recovery to save my legs for the next ride.

Running: Finally loving running in the rain.
EM: Let’s run, Bae. I need to run like for 2 hours. (10 minutes later) Oh no, it’s raining outside. Should we just do something else indoor like run on the treadmill?
Bae: You can’t choose the weather on the race day. Your next race is for 8 hours max. There’s a good chance at some point it’ll rain or even during the whole race. Let’s go now so you’re prepared for whichever weather comes.
EM: Ok. I hope I don’t get sick tomorrow.

It was a heavy pour when we started running. I wasn’t wearing the Gore Tax runner so feet were a bit soaked but still comfortable enough to keep on going. Within 5 minutes, I love it. It felt refreshing to run in the rain. To my surprise, there’re quite a good number of runners along the way. Love the fellow runners who nod and smile when they’re passing other runners. A few waved today 🙂 However there’re other runners whose faces look too focused, in their own zone or don’t look happy – interesting.
Got a temporary shock when a car run the red light with such a high speed at a somewhat downtown core of the city near a famous park. The traffic light was already red for like 3-4 seconds before that car went through. There were about 8 pedestrians crossing including a young family with 1 or 2 kids. I usually dash when the pedestrian crossing light turns white but luckily I didn’t this time. But the car was only about two steps away, I think. My legs and whole body could have been … I don’t even want my brain to go farther than that. Scary what could have happened. Going forward, I will definitely wait and check when the light turns white – no more dashing and sprinting till it’s all clear.

Focus for Week 23

  1. Stick to the training plan.
  2. Eat well.
  3. Ride more in terms of hours spent on the bike and distance covered. Ride better in terms of bike handling, clipping in/out for emergency stopping and becoming more comfortable with hills and turns.
  4. Attach the cadence/speed sensor to the bike and connect to Garmin.
  5. Consistent stretching routine so nothing is missed.
  6. Enjoy training 🙂

May all being be healthy.
May all being be successful.
May all being be free from suffering.



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