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Training Progress Week 20

The only progress is swimming. Let’s see how far I’ve come:

Nov 9, 2017 – Started swimming after some years. Swam 250m for an hour  (What!I was like that on day 1?)
Week 1 to 6 – Hit the pool at least three times a week to practice.
Week 7 – Swam 1k non-stop (I need to swim 1k non-stop again)
Week 20 – I can now swim and breathe on both sides. Yes, bi-lateral breathing doesn’t come naturally as I could only breathe on one side prevoiusly. I’ve been seriously practicing for the last three weeks and it paid off. Now I’m comfortable.

Cycling – need some serious work

Running – need work

Motivation – need a lot of work

For now, this song captured my week 19 and 20 well. I’m just glad I didn’t check out of a lot of things as I got into what felt like a deep dark black hole and dealt with hidden and neglected emotional pains from long ago. How do I break free? How can I?

Focus for Week 21 – Stick to the training plan no matter what. Just eat. Eat well. Ride more and ride better.

Credit: Bunny Phyo and Moe Seth


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