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Training Progress Week 8

The last week of training in 2017 – Working out 3 hours a day for four days straight gives me a good idea of what I’m getting myself into. So my goal is to be able to do the following activities continuously by July 2018: swim 3.8 km in 2 hours, bike 180 km in 7.5 hours and run 42 km in 6 hours.

This week, I swam 6.25 km, biked 130.64 km and run 33.91 km, which in total are less than my target total distance. But hey, I trained for 170.8 km this week – I think I finish strong for 2017. Looking forward to reaching my July goal (to do all those in a day!), I don’t know how I’ll get there since it took me days to cover 170.8km for now. But I will train consistently, persist and I will get there. 2 months down and 6.5 months to go with more intense-training, I can’t wait to meet an improved me at the end of February, April, June … and of course in July! 🙂


Nov 9, 2017 – 1st day of swimming after 2 years. Prior to that one time swim in 2015, the last time I swam was in 2006 or 2007. I took an hour swimming 250 meter. LOL
Dec 27, 2017 – Swam 1.5km/an hour. My personal best record was on Dec 23 when I pushed myself to swim 2.5k in an hour and a half.
But that’s still not enough. It’s not where I want to be. In the group that I’m a part of, people are swimming at 2k in 35 mins! *Jaws dropped* I only want to be at 2.5k or 3k in an hour. I’ll get there. I’ll practice continuously.

Prior to Dec, 2017 – Biked for only 20-40k a week
Dec, 2017 – Biked 65k+ every week
Dec 27, 2017 – Biked 25.4miles(40.87 km) in an hour and a half! (Personal Best)
Dec 24 to 30, 2017 – Biked 130.64 km for Week 8 training.

June, 2017 – Run my very first half-marathon.
Nov 15, 2017- Went on my very first winter outdoor run for a 10k
Dec 24 to 30, 2017 – Run 30k+ for Week 8 training
Haven’t been watching my speed as all of the runs are a part of Bricks (Bike/run or swim/run workouts)
But running is my weakest right now as the legs got tired easily 😦


  1. Feeling/actually being hungry more – I think more about food than before. Good sign as I usually never think about it much.
  2. Getting thirsty more – Definitely I’m drinking so much more water.
  3. Sweating more – It scared me as I’ve never seen my sweat dripping a lot while biking and running.
  4. In between achieving my PRs, I also faced down times where my run or biking was the slowest or they felt the most tiresome. Those down times and days really teach me that my body is not always at its 100% and that I should be grateful of my PRs but should stay humble.
  5. Watching my performance time and distance – right now Fitbit is getting me through things but is no use for swimming. Bae got me an Ironman watch that needs battery replacement. There goes my 20 bucks but the watch-person said once the watch is opened, its waterproof-ness (is that a word?) is gone. Then how am I gonna use it? Many recommend Garmin so I checked various models out. The ones I like/need are either out of production or stock. The one I really like was $720+tax. When the salesperson showed me the price, I was like “MAMA MIA! Bro, you for real?” My budget is $250-350 yo.
  6. Sustainable Lifestyle – I’m washing myself more so using up more water and products (body wash, body lotion, face wash, face lotion, shampoo, conditioner) and using more energy (going on a treadmill and a stationary bike more and blow-drying my hair more as I now swim about 3 or 4 times a week). I’m eating and drinking more and washing clothes more (workout clothes, towels and swimming suits). I still need to buy more stuff in terms of watch that can track and analyse my swimming, biking and running performance, wet suit, biking jacket, bike pants, new road or tri bike, trainer for the bike, running shoes, etc. How am I really becoming sustainable? Or am I just becoming more expensive? What if the energy produced from biking and running on the machines can be stored and saved to be used later to turn on the hair dryer? Future sustainable and energy-efficient gym?
  7. Understanding more about how some of the body parts and systems work in a triathlon context — I have a lot to say and know I’ve been procrastinating the post. It’ll be the first post for 2018 🙂

Happy New Year!

May all being be happy, healthy and abundant! 🙂


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