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Training Progress Week 3

Week 3 went by quickly. I swam 2.6km, biked 41.5km and run 11.5km while in week #2, I only swam 0.75km, biked 17km and run 24km. Not at the level like a pro. But I am making some progress *Smile* Gotta crawl first before learning how to walk and run like how babies learn, right?

My swimming is getting much better and I’m not scared of water any more although biking is still painful – butt and legs hurt! 😦 What happened with running? I didn’t do the longest outdoor run I was supposed to. Boo! And I learnt a number of lessons.

  1. Stick with the training schedule 80-90% of the time with 10-20% flexibility for work. Train although your workout buddy bailed on you or were late.
  2. Train half an hour at least a day when unexpected things popped up. I let four unexpected events took over my training – Total could have been 2 hours right there. Oh well.
  3. Prepare better – have training clothes, shoes etc. ready for the whole week – 5 bags!
  4. Need to do a more structural pre- and post-stretching routine.
  5. Take care of the diet! Eat more veggies and fruits. Remember to eat when it’s lunch time as I forgot to eat till later for a few days.
  6. Protect the the hair, face and body from the CHLORINE!!! I want my hair, face, skin and body to be sustainable. Don’t want the hair to be too dry, brittle, easy-to-break, frizzy and lacking its shine. I’d hate to have a drier and aging skin and face with lines and wrinkles 😦
    To give a comparison as a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green associate, imagine having a building and its exterior and/or envelope that are deteriorating fast due to a continuous exposure to a harsh weather with funny chemicals. No one would want that as it’s gonna affect the useful life of the exterior as well as the impression and maintenance of the building. I must take an excellent care of the hair, face, skin and body like how a great property manager would to the facade of the building for its maximum longevity and presentation.
  7. Whatever happened, I allowed myself to train only for 7.5 hours and failed my week #3 challenge which is to train for 10 hours.
    It only means that now I have no day off tomorrow and will be carrying over 2.5 hours to week #4 so need to train for 12.5 hours! *Gasp* Well, week#6 would be recovery week so I can push a bit more till then.

So Week#4 challenge – Train for 12.5 hours and add some cardio training. As usual, I’ll cheer to myself again! EM, you will do it! Once when you’re young, you even won an award for ‘not giving up’ in Austria. So you’ll never give up. You will get better. Keep on Tri-ing 🙂

Lots of love and a tad more confidence,


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