On a path to Find and Listen to the heartbeats …

A little lost inside. A little sick inside. A little dead inside.
Little by little, things accumulate.
Slowly I stop hearing my own heartbeat.
Did I lose it somewhere?
Or it just beats so subtly that
I desperately need to be somewhere
that holds Noble and Golden Silence
to find it still alive and kicking.

What’s a true heartbeat?
Can a heartbeat change?
Like when new experiences, adventures or
latest purchases no longer satisfy you.
Like when emptiness and loneliness take over you.

How do I make my heart beat peacefully and rhythmically?
How Do I surround myself with those whose
Heartbeats truly rhyme with mine?

Making some SMART heartbeat goal makes sense.
Thirty days is all one need … to find one’s own heartbeat.
Purposeful,meaningful and powerful heartbeat.

©Eimon Yin, 2017

Credit: Amber [f(x)], Luna [f(x)], Kirspel, SMTown


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