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A path to regain everything and more..

Is it the summer heat that loses my appetite? Appetite for meaning. Appetite for purpose. Or it’s not my appetite. I just don’t know where to look for it … by which I mean meaning and purpose – a deeper one.

As I get older, time goes faster. Days and weeks go by quick and Alas! Half a year has gone by and I’m still in my routine like a hamster on a wheel. I’m moving but am I making any concrete progress? What progress do I wanna make?

Reflecting back then looking into the future and staying in this moment, I’m happy that there are some progress for some people. Among which is my favorite Song-Song couple who met on set of DOTS and are taking their relationship to the next level.

Credit: xFictionShadowMV3 xKBS, Chen (EXO), Punch

Credit: xFictionShadowMV3 xKBS, Davinchi

Credit: xFictionShadowMV3 xKBS, Gummy

Credit: xFictionShadowMV3 xKBS, K Will

Life is short. And the scary thing is I’m feeling it with the amount of time that is going by quick. Knowing what matters most and doing what matters most have become extremely important. Taking more ownership, facing conflicts and unpleasant dealing instead of walking away. Aza Aza Fighting, E!

In times of uncertainty or needing extra strength, it’s good to take a moment and remember all that you love. So here are the two songs that I love.

Credit: Fourseason, Byul

Credit: Yozohhh10, Lyn

May all being be more loving.
May all being be kinder.
May all being be free from suffering.



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