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What color are you?

You’re the color of life –
Representative of Sustainability

What am I going to do without you?

Mango and Banana embrace you at an early stage.
Kale, Zucchini, lettuce, olives and watermelon are a part of you.

You’re the grasses.
You’re the plants.
You’re the trees.

Coconut trees, Palm trees and Mango trees.
The color of Pesto – you are simply yummy.

You could be the color of tea, macaroons, cake,
pasta, noodle or soup.

Jade can’t deny you. Jade is you.

The color of American Dollars.
The color of Starbucks.
The color of Wholefoods.

The Color of Life.
You can be a mountain.
You can be a sea.
You can be an ocean.
You can be a home.

The Color of being alive, breathing and being present.

©Eimon Yin, 2017


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