A Heart that beats with a smile


The bravest thing we can do is be real. Real means that we don’t hide who we are from other people. We have the confidence within to be ourselves. Our personalities are not set up on a set of pretenses. We are who we are no matter who we are with or in whatever situation we are in. If we’re sensitive, we can be that person everywhere regardless of circumstances. In other words, we do not live our lives as a billboard advertisement of who we think others want us to be. We are authentic. We share our feelings, tell our truth from our vantage point, and can do this in a manner where we don’t come off as self-righteous or critical of others. We can express ourselves from what we feel, and from what we want or don’t want for ourselves, rather than nagging at people about what they need to change about themselves to make us happy. If we’re not happy where we’re at or who we’re with, we won’t waste time there. We will gracefully move on and continue to look ahead. When we are brave enough to be real we find real love, real connection, and we live lives we love because we have a wealth of love and passion within to do all of this. Being real takes courage. Being real gives us all the information we need to know about who can be a significant part of our lives and who can’t. If you ever feel you have to drop your authentic self at the door then you’re not in the right place.” — Dr. Sherri Campbell


Hello, WordPress.
Did you miss me? I guess not. But I miss me writing here. 😀

I am quite happy these days. Morning jogs make me happy. Music makes me happy. Dr. Sherri Campbell’s quote makes me happy. Family and friends make me happy. Most importantly, I make me happy 🙂 haha

I’ve been working at a place where I feel like it’s more than a job and where I feel like I have a common goal with my coworkers who inspire me and who care about the places and people who make use of the places. I’m learning to learn more, appreciate more, love more and care more.

Who have I also been finding inspiration from and have been listening to? Jack Ma and Elon Musk 🙂

Credit: Jack Ma, KBS, Alex Pettyfer

What did Jack Ma teach me? To follow the boss/mentor who is right for me and who teaches me differently. To learn the passion and learn the dream

Highlight – 8:17 to 9:24

Credit: Elon Musk, Every Elon Musk Video

What did Elon Musk teach me? Listening to him talk makes me feel excited about the future, cares for the things that I don’t usually think too much about, makes me think/dream of what kind of home I want to live and feel so pumped up about it.  He is somehow teaching me to live more meaningfully and think differently.

What else am I happy about? Becoming a vegetarian again after deciding to eat chicken in Sept and Oct. It’s like I went off track and am making an active choice to get myself back to where I want to be. Or it’s like I fell and just pick myself up again. November is a new beginning in many ways and I believe that I can be myself more, do more, love more, smile more, dream more and contribute more.

Credit: Dream High,  Kpopsubbing, IU, Jang Wooyoung, Bae Suzy, Hahm Eun-jung &  Ok Taecyeon

May all being be free from suffering.
May all being be more loving.
May all being be happier and more content.



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