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#InspireMeSunday – Tony Robbins, David Wolfe and #realchange

There’s a story about two brothers that a good friend of mine told me years ago.

The brothers live on the 80th story. One day, they bought some groceries and came back home. (Somehow they had to walk all the way up. I guess the elevator(s) must have been out.) So they walked from the 1st to the 20th floor and they were like “Damn. This is tiring”, but they still had the motivation to keep going.

After the 40th floor they started quarreling a bit, bitching about each other’s purchases. They decided to abandon some stuff. After the 60th floor, they were like, “Screw it, we’re almost there. Let’s just keep going.” They got to the 80th floor and they were like, “Finally. we are here.” And they realized they left their key in one of the bags on the 40th floor.

And the analogy is to life. where 1-20 you’re energetic, full of life, trying new things, with many goals

20-40 you’re getting tired of chasing those goals, but you are still motivated to carry on.

When you’re at 40, you start giving up on many of your goals because you feel like “i’m 40 and i’m too late in life to change.”

At 60 you’re just thinking, “Oh screw it, i can’t start anything now because i’ve only got about 20 years to live”

And at 80, you can’t die peacefully because you don’t have the key to happiness. Only regret … from knowing that you never achieved your goals.

So the moral of the story is to…

  • Start living and chasing your dreams if you already haven’t
    Because you don’t wanna look back and be all “i wish i had done so and so” because it’s just gonna eat you alive.
  • Spend time with loved ones especially those who embrace you dearly and take the time out of their day to check up on you (David Wolfe)
  • Cherish those who are true and loyal to you

Re-visiting this story makes me think seriously about my actions and results. Since I’m not perfect, there’re a lot of aspects of life that either I don’t like or they’re not working out for me. So who do I turn to? Tony Robbins! And what doe he say? CHANGE!


Credit: AZ Quotes

Thinking about the story mentioned above and about the results that I’m after, I realize I do need real changes in life. And what actions did I take so far? Changing my routine especially if it’s not working well or it starts feeling like …well, routine. I’d rather be living and taking actions that makes my heart beat more meaningfully than be stuck in a routine-like lifestyle.

I decided to spend more time with family the last few days instead of following my routine. Two family movie nights and walking in the park with mom two times this week make my heart beat happily.

Then another decision I made is to live in present moments by leaving online-spaces (blog, facebook, twitter and what not). Why? First, I want to focus my attention and presence to one space only – to living and breathing moments only. Second, I want to connect more with those who are present in person and are in an immediate physical space with me. Third, I treat blog posts as diaries that I may revisit should I have memory loss or dementia when I get older. Now, I may want to turn to old-fashioned pen and paper writing style.

Till I learn how to live fully and recharge myself fully, farewell and see you sometime in the future 😉

May all being be able to live in present moments.
May all being be free from suffering.
May all being be more loving.
May all being be happier and more content.

Lots of Love,


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