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#SelfImprovementSaturday – Making Vancouver a City We LOVE!

These days, I’ve been very blessed to be surrounded by many amazing people – friends, family and coworkers – who are not only dedicated, motivated, talented, active and positive but also know how to have fun and live a meaningful life.

As I’ve been busy making time for those who want to spend time with me in person, today I decided to come back to this blog space to share a poem I wrote for 100in1day a few hours ago (Click here to find out more on what 100in1day is about and what I did last year)

“Making Vancouver a City We Love” is the activity that I led. It was a good challenge for me – a challenge to write in public, observing and writing on the spot. I usually (ahem …almost always) write poems at home on my own – just me, my thoughts and writing – which is quite a solo activity (similar to writing this blog post). Writing is often personal to me and it’s important that I write with those whom I trust and who trusts in me (hence minimum promotion).

I am thankful to Lady Q who kindly joined me, walked with me to various places, smiled big, enjoyed the sun and had fun. I am grateful to various activity(intervention) leaders and participants whom we talked to. Although I planned to explore 4 activities, I ended up visiting only 3 as followed:

                               – “Charmed Life” at Harbour Green Park

Since this mini-West-End-exploration tour is meant to be a fun activity, I didn’t let the time limit me and those who were with me to a large degree.

I am also thankful to a few friends who made the time to join me in listening to lively Celtic music and other heart-warming music, drinking Sanpellegrino (blood-orange) and munching Miss Vicki potato chips (Jalapeno) together under the sun. Thank you for listening to me read the poem towards the end and mentioning kind words.

Making Vancouver a City We Love

Let’s start from our hearts
Let’s speak our hearts
In Canada, we speak heart language
In BC, we speak heart language
In Vancouver, we speak heart language

Canada is a place for those who dare to
Speak their heart language

Heart Language is kind and warm
It makes you real
It makes you feel
It makes you think
It makes you believe
It’s lively and lovely

It may sound different at times
But it’s sincere and true.

Yes, SPEAK from your HEART
Starts at and from Canada Place

Once you speak your heart language,
You’re heading for a Charmed Life

A Charmed Life is about
Following your heart
Living a life you love
Being Bold
Worrying Less
Eating delicious, home-made purple cupcakes
Connecting with places, food and music
Meeting and connecting with friends who
Walk with you and laugh with you

A Charmed Life is
by the hottest and strongest Harbour
by the calmest and bluest water
by the prettiest and most promising Park
on the freshest and Greenest grass

It comes with a summer breeze
It’s warm but cooling at the same time
It’s comfortable and of course charming
It’s moving and living and kicking
and very much ALIVE!

It does not take the life itself for granted.

The next step after a Charmed Life is
The Haywood Bandstand
where beautiful music is everywhere
Hearing summer music makes one believe in
Autumn music
Winter music and
Spring music
Or really … year-round music –
Music we can listen to all year round

Music is love
Music is simple
Music connects
Music opens our mind
Music opens our heart
Music transcends any boundaries
Music is freedom
Music comes form our hearts
Music speaks heart language

I speak heart language
I speak music

We speak heart language
We speak music

Speaking heart language is how
We make Vancouver a city we love.

Speaking heart language is how
We unite.

Speaking heart language is why
We are One.

©Eimon Yin, 2016


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