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April is a National Poetry Month.

A kind friend said I could make myself accountable through her in challenging myself to write a poem a week this month.

Since this is the last week of April, this will be my last poem – my last challenge in 2016 April poem-writing – a challenge I’ve never done before.

I thank Lady M.R. with whom I checked in every week on my progress. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for three reasons. First, thank you for allowing me to be able to express myself and my experiences through poetry-writing. IF I had not seen your challenge, I wouldn’t think of challenging myself. Second, thank you for always sending me messages that encourage me to write. Third, thank you for challenging others to treat themselves right TODAY by downloading their favourite song from the PAST.

Well, the song I chose this week was already downloaded so I guess I just replay.  So thanks again, Lady M.R., for lifting everyone in your friendship circle-space up to a higher emotional space. I am grateful that I have a friend like you. *Big Hug* 🙂


On Sunday, I thought of what to write this week for my poetry-challenge journey. I knew what I wanted to write about. I knew it’d  be based on a poem I wrote nine years ago … perhaps one of my very first poems I wrote in English. I had been looking for it. But I couldn’t. Maybe it’ll pop up somewhere sometime.

Below is my last poem – which would wrap up three things for me.
1) Wrap up the challenge I took on.
2) Wrap up the month of April.
3) Wrap up my Spring (emotional) cleaning.

So here it goes.



What is expression?
How do i express myself?
Which university i want to go to is a big deal, right?
Also which university would ACTIVELY CHOOSE to
ACCEPT me is MORE important, right?

i know i like to WRITE.
i know i love POEM.
Why not write a poem?

Write a poem to express myself.

But there’s a challenge … as always.
Didn’t know which college would
accept me if i tried.

In this world with endless competition,
where everyone is trying to be the best.
With whom would i feel comfortable to
share what i like and love?
Who do i let into my small world –
a world that loves poem?

And it ACTIVELY CHOSE me back.

i only tried … to see what could happen.
Was just curious if it is true … that
i could EXPRESS myself FREELY
in a beautiful written form – a written
style i feel comfortable in
expressing myself – my comfort zone.

Thank you, Pepperdine
for choosing me back then.
Sorry for not choosing to come meet you … but
You’d always be in my heart for
WAS/AM – a poem-lover!

Thank you, Pepperdine
for not penalizing me for expressing myself freely.

Thank you, Pepperdine
for showing me that it is indeed true –
a person can have a full freedom to expression.

Thank you, Pepperdine
for allowing me the gift of Freedom
Freedom to express myself FREELY

Thank you for believing in me.

If I ever step my foot in Malibu – Orange County,
You’d be the first space I’ll kiss.
Hopefully under the bright sunshine

i was, am and will be always thankful.

Today i finished a challenge –
a challenge i’ve never done before.

Now, i am crossing the finish line.
wave my winning flag with U

celebrate my SUCCESS with U


© Eimon Yin, 2016

Credit: KnaanVEVO


May all being be FREE!
May all being be able to express themselves freely and responsibly!
May all being be more loving and more accepting!



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