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#SelfImprovementSaturday – Poetry Challenge

April is a National Poetry Month.

A kind friend said I could make myself accountable through her in challenging myself to write a poem a week this month.  So I did write about what happened last weekend but didn’t have the time to type it up as I was busy.  But here it goes:

Tulip Emoji (Twitter Version)Tulip Emoji (Twitter Version)Tulip Emoji (Twitter Version)Spring ShoppingTulip Emoji (Twitter Version)Tulip Emoji (Twitter Version)Tulip Emoji (Twitter Version)

It was one of the warmest weekends in the spring
Shopping therapy was what I needed most
So… what’s on my shopping list?

A pair of comfortable shoes that would
take me beyond my comfort zone
A pair of righteous footwear that would
take me in the right direction in life
A pair of carefree sneakers that would
lead me towards freedom and equanimity

What’s next as I move my list bottom-up?
Pretty professional pants
Bold beautiful blouses
Decent delightful  dresses

And just when I thought I finished,
Eyeful earrings enthusiastically looked at me
They said “Take me, I’m all yours.”
Then I said, “Hold up! Let me try first
and see if we’re compatible”
They are truly simple but absolutely gorgeous!
Oh mine, no more hesitation
I obediently and optimistically obliged –
“Yes, I’m taking you!”

Ka-ching, Ka-ching, Ka-ching
Exchanging the numbers in the bank account for
material comforts and effortlessly lovable looks

I asked myself:

Would I be happy with them? Yes, at the moment
Am I content? Yes, right about now
Do I need them? Yes I do
Would I wear them frequently and
not hide them in the closet? Yes, I swear
Is the exchange worth it? Yes, I got good deals.

That’s how I came home happily with
a number of shopping bags.


© Eimon Yin, 2016


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