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#FlashbackFriday – 100 in 1 day and Homing Vancouver

“100 in 1 day” is a global celebration that primarily seeks to engage and connect the people (who live in the city) with the community and spaces where they live, work and play.  The name “100 in 1 day” comes from the fact that it aims for 100 urban interventions in 1 day – yes it comes only once a year in the summer. This year, it’ll be on June 4th.

What is an urban intervention? It’s usually a civic action (meaning people come up with an idea and do something about it) to make a particular space/place a better one. It revolves around the following questions:
1) What is my dream city?
2) What’s my vision for a better city?
3) How can I make this place more fun, enjoyable, positive, engaged, or whatever (positive) adjective you wanna insert?

Click here to find out more about “100 in 1 day” in Vancouver 🙂

Last year I was involved in three different urban interventions. One of them was “reading” the poems that two other poem-enthusiasts and I wrote. Specifically for 100in1Day, I wrote a poem that I named “Homing Vancouver.” I can’t believe time flies and I wrote it almost a year ago. Here it goes.

Homing Vancouver

A beautiful lady once told me
“Vancouver is a lovely place.
You should go there.”
I trusted her and crossed
The ocean to meet you

So you and I started with love
Didn’t think you’d become my home
I was just observing how beautiful you are
How quiet, laidback and humble

And you’re quite a celebrity
The kind that wins multiple awards
And being talked about all over the world
They say you’re beautiful, healthy
And one of the top-notch most liveable cities
They also say you’re expensive, unaffordable,
Unhappy and mind-numbingly boring

After all, you’re not really perfect, are you?
But it’s ok because I only want to fill my mind and
Heart with good memories and positive moments
So I will only seek the best in you.

You’re home to Canada’s largest port
Big boats, small boats, all kinds of boats serve you.
You’re home to top-ranked, best, beautiful park
Big trees, small plants, all kinds of greeneries grow in you

If you’re a color, what would you be?
Would you be as green as all those many trees that grow in you?
Would you be as blue as the water near the port?
Would you be as gray as the sky in the winter?
Would you be as white as the (little) snow we’ve got?
Would you be as red as the maple leaf in a national flag?

I’d say you can change your colors at whim
Just like how you could give us a bright sunshine,
A wacky wind, a radical rain, a heavy hail
And a threatening thunder within three hours

Once I was caught without an umbrella
Wearing slippers, shorts and thin layers of clothing
Clueless, careless and everything seemed
Less than what used to be
I cursed at you. I hated you.

So the next time, I brought my umbrella and raincoat
Wearing boots, sweater and thick scarf
You gave me a sunshine. I felt sad and out of place
I just keep on going. Keep on living.
Just letting the time pass
And things do pass with time.

I am most happy when the rain and thunder disappear
And I’m dressed up fine for the sun
As you give me a beautiful sunshine,
I can’t help but find you lovable once again.

After all, you’ve become my home
Even before I realize or acknowledge this fact
Excited, captivated and delighted
I ask myself
What kind of home is Vancouver?
What is my dream home?
How do I make Vancouver my dream home?

So I start making Vancouver a home in my heart.

© Eimon Yin, 2016



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