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#SundaySelfReflection with Tara Brach

I thank Tara Brach for her beautiful and insightful wisdom in a video titled “Freedom from Fear-Based Beliefs” and making the video available on YouTube so I can listen to it whenever I need it.

Tara in the video reminds me to really look and observe at “what am I feeling/believing,” “who I would be with or without certain beliefs,””who I really am” and “who I’m trying to be or who I think I should be.” Also I am glad to be reminded about human conditioning as followed:

1. Negativity-Bias: Human nature to focus on what went wrong and what will (or can possibly) go wrong.
2. Sorting for difference: Focusing on the difference(s) instead of common grounds.
3. Genetic conditioning on how we respond to anxiety.
4. Cultural conditioning

At 21:45 (minutes into the video), Tara shared what Gandhi said (or essentially Karma) as followed:

“Beliefs create your Thoughts.
Thoughts create your Actions.
Actions create your Character.
Character create your Destiny”
– Gandhi

What Ghadhi said reminds me 1) of how one single belief (if strong enough) can go as far as creating one’s destiny and 2) to be careful with what I believe in.

May all beings be free from the prison of our own fears, fear-based beliefs and fear-thinking.
May be beings be free from suffering.
May all being be able to develop love and compassion for oneself and others.
May all beings be happy.



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