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#WeeklyWonders – Grilled Pesto Veggie Panani, Long walk and Doctor Who’s Fan

There’s a small Italian food joint I’d like to go to whenever I crave for a grilled panani, especially the one with grilled veggie and a good amount of pesto. Nom Nom. It goes well with a cup of hot chocolate when it’s cold outside.

Happy Hot Chocolate, Hot Chocolate


It’s at the corner of the streets and has ceiling-to-floor glass walls on both sides so it gets lots of natural sun light (if it’s sunny). It’s a family-run restaurant and they’re very nice people. It’s actually known for their pizzas and spaghetti. Surprisingly I’ve been sticking with panani ever since the first time I ate there. Next time, I’ll step out of my comfort zone  and try a pizza.

Pizza, you wait for me and I’m coming for you! (Why am I talking to the pizza that haven’t even been cooked yet as of now? I think I like the idea of the food right about now. I won’t mind a tomato basil pizza.)

Speaking of food, my thought also takes me to the topics of health and wellness. Last month I had been enjoying long walks outdoor, smelling the fresh air. In particular, there were two memorable walks. The first was where I walked over the bridge and could always see the amazing view of the city core, stunning high-rises, the water, the boats, the market below, the trees and the people.

I always walk facing towards downtown. I used to walk only on the left side but never on the right side. Somehow, that day, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and try walking on the right and saw things that I really like including the view in the picture below.


The second is where I walked close to the neighborhood where I lived and saw a car license plate. The car owner/driver must really like Doctor Who. Without even knowing who the car owner/driver is, I wanna high-five him, tell him that he’s awesome and asks where his other car is. *GRIN*

Unfortunately, there’s no one in the car and no one’s around. So I couldn’t do any of it. But simply seeing the license plate made my day.


I’ve seen Marvel’s Jessica Jones and read that David Tennant also acted in Doctor Who. So I’ve only started watching Doctor Who and thinks it’s brilliant and interesting, as the idea of time and space always fascinate me. The only thing I wish is to have my own Tardis. The only vehicle I know that would be similar (or rhyme) is Yaris – blue Yaris maybe?

Thanks for reading and visiting this page. I hope you’ll have another wonderful week, noticing things around you that you love.

Lots of Love,


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