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#InspireMeSunday – Jan Tse

Jan Tse is an inspirational and energetic lady who smiles warmly and brightly as she talks. I had a chance to meet her and hear her speak at a meeting/potluck party last month for the non-profit group where I volunteer.

Jan is actively involved in theater production and also writes poetry passionately. Some of her poems are published in various publications.  As Jan shared one of her poems – Searching, the crowd loved what they heard.  I am thankful that Jan gives her permission to post her poem on this blog. Please read it below.


Searching for meaning and searching
for a platform to stand on: sustainable
employment, affordable housing.

Do I have to be, down, out and under, in order
to qualify for any assistance?

Take a number, fill in this referral form –

Take a number and apply on-line – specify
your location you want to work in – take a
number and call,

Leave your name and number – take a
number, leave a message – some one will
get back to you –

Did you fax it to the right number? Did you fax
it to the right person? – Take a number –

Di you do the follow up? – No, we can’t tell
you your information on your file – Take a
number –

Ah she is on holiday, ah, he no longer works
for us –

No, you can’t apply to this course – take a
number – leave a message –

The manager will come back to you –

Searching for food, money to buy food,
searching for job, so that, I can have money to
pay rent –

Searching for meaning – take a number –
he will talk to you – I will talk to him – you
shouldn’t have to go through this –

Searching for the status of your housing
application – your file had been de-activated
for the past 11 months – searching for my
own tail

– the insanity of searching for sustainable
employment – searching for affordable
housing – phone this number – Michael –
St. Peter’s 604 –

562-85XX – phone 604–623-55XX store
manager– Harry Potter – store number 4679
– Bravo! DIRECT PHONE NUMBER 604-625-

55XX –

Before I bid farewell to my folks back home
and came to this great land of opportunities: I
was searching for a land of equal opportunity,

Where women are treated equal as men –
road paved with gold – the land of equal
opportunities – take a number!

A land of great sustainable employment – so
that I can feed myself, my family … well, take
a number …

Somewhere in the land of OZ –

It’s been 20 years, my kid had grown up – I
asked myself what am I searching for? Am I
holding the wrong end of the stick –

Holding on the wrong line, wrong country,
wrong planet, I am searching for the exit of
this madness …

(Jan) Wei Ting Tse


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