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#InspireMeSunday – Andrea Bocelli

June 14 (Sunday) is a special day in Vancouver because it’s an “Italian Day on The Drive,” celebrating  Italian culture and the contributions made to Vancouver by Italian immigrants and their children.

On this very day, a kind friend invited me to Andrea Bocelli’s concert. Andrea is a legendary Italian singer – an amazing tenor – who became blind at age 12 but overcame his unfortunate condition, channel his passion in music and came out strong in the world as an outlier in classical and pop music.  It’s a unique way for me to celebrate Italian Day – though not much on the Drive but – at Rogers Arena by attending Andrea’s concert, as not only his life story inspires me but also his voice makes me shivered and gives me goosebumps, as it’s been a long time I’ve heard such powerful and beautiful voice. I, of course, fell in love when Andrea beautifully sang Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender.

Other beautiful singers who joined him on stage are 1)  famous Cuban Soprano Maria Aleida, and 2) Heather Headley.

Below is an old youtube video of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Heather Headley.

Other musicians who also had some solo moments on stage are 1) flutist Andrea Griminelli  and 2) violinist Caroline Campbell.

Here are a few snap shots from the concert. You may find more pictures on Vancouver Sun Website.

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