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#InspireMeSunday – Advices from Sherrie Campbell, PhD

“There are going to be many passages through the unknown in life where we cannot figure out what our path is, why we had to lose certain people, places or situations and we can feel lost. Life is about loss and gain in equal amounts and both build our character. If we have lost something or someone, which is usually more painful than gaining something, these are the times in life which build our strength, build our character and help us to evolve as people to be more confident in who we are.

What may look like a situation that is in your life to break you down is really a situation in your life to break you through to a new life and a new experience that maybe you could never have foreseen. Each loss, after time, is always followed by equal or better gain.

When we feel lost we can also look at this passage of time that we are not lost we are simple being re-routed. New directions are on their way or making their way to us because that is where we are supposed to be and go. The new directions will all make sense when we get there. We may find a new love and look back at the love we lost and feel so thankful that we did lose them because what we have now is so much better for us.

The giving of life is always there to fill the void. After a loss, sadness feels that void. Once sadness passes the new beginning will fill that void and you will be ever so happy that you went through all of it.

— Sherrie Campbell, PhD

Above post is what I found on Sherrie Campbell PhD‘s Facebook page this week.[Click on her name in the previous sentence to check her Facebook page and connect with her.] She is an author and psychologist based in Southern California. Click here to learn more about her. 

What she mentioned really make me think in general how to become a better person when and after facing challenges, losses and failures in life. I also started to see why things happen for a reason and how I get to where I am as a result of challenges, losses, failures and winning.

I hope this post inspire you to 1) reflect on who you’ve become and where you’re now as a result of what seems like a failure and a loss and 2) realize that failures and losses are not so bad after all.

May you become a better person and get to a better place this year.


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