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Touch Phone, Touch Screen and … Touch Windshield – Fascinating Technology

Technology has always fascinated me. How it can do so much in our lives. How innovation, research, learning and development around technology seem to move us forward for the better.

How unimaginables have become realities!

What’s been exciting me is the transparent electronics. The Economic Times article talks about how the car-makers are interested in the windscreens that can double up as the displays. Can you imagine the windscreen powering up with the displays (weather info/news, GPS, radio/itune, calendar and what not) as soon as you open the car-door? Rain or shine or snow, this windscreen just works fine. It may even have the advanced technology that assists those with the poor vision to see better because it comes with a sensor that can detect your vision and adjust the windscreen’s glass power accordingly. Even better is this car drives itself!!! Eureka! This may sound perhaps too good to be true but who knows what future beholds?

Since we’re at it, how about adding a few things that are on my wishlist? So this car will be an electric car (quite environmental friendly, save on gas and spare my purse) It’ll be large — about the size of SUV. Leather-interior. Nice leg-room. I should be able to eat nice meals in there or hang out with friends in there. You know what? I might as well live there. And before I go on and on even more, one might wonder how much this car would cost. Well, to be honest, it may probably cost more than how much this soon-to-be-graduate can make within the next five years … or ten… or even a lifetime. But hey, it’ll be pretty wicked if you can build this baby.

What is more? The article I read mentions about how the medical engineers are also looking into integrating the transparent electronics with the human body. Now, THIS is a bit out of my imagination since I don’t fancy about the possibility of humans being partly robots or being controlled by things other than flesh, blood, nerves and water. Or worse, dare I wonder if we’ll become touch-human-bodies! Technology can sound scary in that sense. Isn’t it?

I guess, enough with my futuristic fancy over a technologically-advanced super-car. And back to reality, I might as well start saving so I can eventually afford for an electric car I dream of driving one day. Yes, one day…hopefully one day.

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