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Positive Day 20: A warm day in Fall

Oct – 20 -2014

So apparently Vancouver and other areas in southern British Columbia broke numerous temperature records yesterday. According to VanCityBuzz, the temperature at YVR Vancouver International Airport reached 21.6 degrees celsius, the previous record of 18.9 degrees dates back to 1940. It’s nice and warm. It did rain (more like drizzle a bit)  last night so it’s not too bad. This morning was another bright morning. I love it though.

These days, some of the themes that come into my mind are “space” & “belonging.” Space can be a place in reality or in one’s mind. Space can be both physical/tangible or intangible: living space, online space, one’s space in family or work, work space, safe space, inclusive space, personal space, private space and public space. What is my relationship with any of these spaces? Do I belong at any of these spaces? Is my relationship and belonging context-dependent such as having family, close friends and strong networks?

Speaking of space/place and belonging, I came across the conversation between Adrienne Clarkson (the 26th Governor General of Canada since Canadian Confederation) and Peter Mansbridge about “Citizenship and Belonging” while browsing at CBC’s Massey Lecture on CBC’s website.  Click here to check out the conversation on Belonging – The Paradox of Citizenship

Mentioning about the Aboriginals and Colonialism during the conversation, I was thinking about The Lone Ranger (the movie), the Canadian literature class I took during university and the forum theatre I watched last year which focuses on Reconciliation works between the Aboriginals, Canadians and immigrants. In the Lone Ranger,  the railway corporation did see the possibilities that could bring the greater good the society and making “moving” easy. But when greed for more wealth, power and authority take over in certain people with relative power and capabilities, things could go wrong. Then a lot of questions pop in my head.

Do we focus on the dichotomy or dichotomous mentality as if the dichotomies such as “Indians and the cowboys” always act in an opposite direction like black and white or us against them?
Who is included in “us”?
Who is included in “them”?
Is it the right way? Is it the only way?
What if these dichotomies serve ulterior motives of some and cause harms to the others?
Is pain inevitable in some cases?
Does peace belong to only some places/spaces/areas of the world but not the others?

I really do have more questions than the answers sometimes. With these questions, I could go back to the first year philosophy class. But life is a lot more to discover, see and understand than just one university class. Anyways, click the play button to watch the trailer of The Lone Ranger below.  If you have time, I’d recommend you watch it because it does give you perspectives about the history and people.

Credit: HotNewTrailers  Youtube Channel

Citation: “Vancouver Temperature Record Broken on Warm October Sunday.” Vancity Buzz Vancouver Events News Food Lifestyle and More. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Oct. 2014.

© Eimon Yin


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