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Positive Day 18: Vancouver Home and Design Show 2014

Oct – 18 – 2014

I went to Vancouver Home and Design Show 2014 at BC Stadium. I liked a lot of things I saw especially the indoor elevator and outdoor waterfall. Check out some of the highlights from the show below.

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Another highlight was catching the  Samsung cooking competition hosted by Toronto-based Celebrity Chef Corbin Tomaszeski. There were three amateur chefs paired with three experienced chefs: thus three teams presented were 1) Winston & Chef Tim Cuff of West Oak Restaurant (Yaletown),  2) Shay [I am not sure of the spelling but the name sounded like Shay so let’s just call her Shay] and Chef Angus An of Maenam (Kitsilano) and 3) Elaine and Chef Geoff Rogers of Blacktail Florist (Gastown). Check out their pictures below.

Vancouver Home and Design Show 2014
Samsung Cooking Competition at VHDS 2014: Chef Corbin Tomaszeski, Chef Geoff Rogers, Elaine, Chef Angus An, Shay, Winston, Chef Tim Cuff

The competition had two rounds: each round eliminated one team thus leaving only one team at the end. The first round was to prepare the entree using feta chesse, bison sirloin and figs. The second round was to prepare a dessert using honey, jalapeno and apple.

The highlights of this cooking competition for me 

  • Apparently the latest model of Samsung fridge can hold up to goods equivalent of 34 regular bags of groceries!
  • A little boy (3 or 4 years old?) wearing a shirt with a superman logo went up the stage to sing ABCs song, forgot what’s after P, picked up from X,Y,Z and managed to finish it off.
  • Shay being an Australian said Poo-Ray  (Purée) when most of North Americans, I believe, would say Phyu-Ray. Yes, poo doesn’t sound that appetizing.
  • Team Elaine WON! She and Chef Geoff got $5000 worth of Samsung appliances while the others got a Samsung vacuum each.

Three things I really like about the show are as followed:

  1. There were lots of cool design and decoration ideas. So I could visualize my dream home clearer.
  2. Some of the experts were really enthusiastic and knowledgeable so talking to them really pumped me up. The notable ones are Level1Construction + Renovation, Zoocasa,and BC Window Coverings. Level 1 was showing its construction/renovation ideas (using Revit Architecture Software) on the screen. I thought it was pretty cool since it was my first time seeing the home plans designed on the architecture software. Second, the marketing personnel from Zoocasa was friendly and enthusiastic explaining me about how Zoocasa website works to help homebuyers with rebates when they purchase a house through its service and how it also helps the realtors. At BC Window Coverings, I talked to Nancy who explained me a lot about the solar blinds and how the company’s service works.
  3. Watching a live cooking competition for the first time was quite memorable for me.

Three things I didn’t enjoy much are as followed:

  1. I wondered why a forth of the vendors were there because they were there for the products that had nothing to do with the home design.
  2. Perhaps I had a lot of expectations for the cooking show so since it didn’t turn out as I expected it to be, I was somewhat disappointed.
  3. I also had a huge expectation for the Nomad Microhome. With a long line up, I couldn’t wait so I just walked around to peep inside. Initially I thought I might be interested in trying to live there. It’s just too tiny for me. Apart from the size, I liked the concept especially the sustainability and relative affordability.

© Eimon Yin


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