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Positive Day 15: Meg Jay

Last year, I read Meg Jay’s book “The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter–And How to Make the Most of Them Now.” As a 20-something, it opened my eyes in a way that made me to be more serious about my career and life in many aspects. Her book helped me to ask some questions I hadn’t thought before but I needed to ask myself. I’m revisiting her TedTalk video that I had also watched before.  Check below or click here for a sneak peek of the book.

Credit:  TED youtube

My takeaways:

  • Build on my identity capital
  • Pick my own family
  • Don’t define myself by what I didn’t do

The first from my takeways deals with identity, which I’m still exploring. Right now I’m trying to explore by learning through experience and doing something as opposed to just the usual sitting and thinking what I might be at the moment. For example, writing this blog especailly positive day 13  in which I talked about having both Canada and Burma/Myanmar in my hearts.

To be frank, I’m still working on this idea of picking my own family. I am in an amazing relationship with a man who loves me and whom I love. We haven’t talked about some of the things in details because we need to focus on immedidate priorities such as building our careers and professional lives first before having a family.

Often, I can be such a worrier. I worry a lot on things I haven’t done. Just thinking of them along can suffocate myself. I haven’t found a perfect career: I’m not married yet when some of my friends already are: I haven’t been on a Europe continental trip for which usually people go to at least five different countries: I haven’t bought my own house, just to name a few things I usually worry about — perhaps things I’d like to do but cannot yet. Instead of worrying, if these things really mean a lot to me, I would need to prioritize and make them happen soon. Then I realise among three things I mentioned above, a career is my first priority, my own place the second, marriage the third and Europe trip (5-6weeks travelling in style — NO backpacking!) the last.

  • Career -3 years
  • Home Ownership – 2 years
  • Marriage – I’ll check back on this
  • Europe Trip – 4 years

I’ve just given a number to each of my goal. I am hoping to show my progress regarding to this priority list through this blog. Feel free to share what’s yours and keep reading my future posts to find out about my progress. Thanks for reading and have a lovely day! 🙂


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